Saturday, February 17, 2007

Granny Doll

This is a sweet granny doll I made some time ago... she's a big old dolly, with floppy arms and legs. She was actually my first doll. I made her from a McCall's or Butterick Pattern which I no longer have (too bad!) It wasn't meant to be a granny. The pattern was for a little girl... I just wanted a granny.

Her face is colored with micron pens, and her hair is made from high quality "thick" wool yarn I bought in Seattle. Instead of two braids, she got a bun! Her dress is made out of pure silk- from a beloved dress of mine that tore. Granny was made in Seattle, before our move to Israel. The doll used to to sit on an antique rocking chair. Now she kind of sits wherever she wants!

I put Granny on the couch, to get a picture of her. I went to get my camera, and returned to discover that my dog Daisy had gotten up on the couch and snuggled with her. Now I know granny is the best-loved doll in my house!


  1. Your doll is darlig, Rivkah! THAT was your FIRST attempt? Sigh .... my CURRENT attempts are nowhere near that wonderful! And your doggy is adorable! Nothing like a Granny's lap for snuggling & comfort!

  2. Nice blog! I'll have to look around some more. I saw your comment at Hoctro's Place.

  3. Aww! Your pup knows a true granny lap when he sees one! My 7-year-old loves the dog and granny pic as well.


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