Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Faerie Shoes

These shoes are a snap to make, and are suitable for any doll- polymer clay or cloth. No pattern required- just imagination and a few basic supplies. You can even make these shoes for faerie feet with pointed "toes," as I did.

Materials Needed
  • Translucent Liquid Sculpey or Liquid Fimo
  • Pair of craft scissors (school scissors, etc)
  • Something to color the liquid polymer clay with: pigment powder, ink, or jacquard paint
  • A bit of ribbon for embellishing
  • Micro beads and beaders' wire (you can use regular seed beads instead.)
  • Gel Medium or adhesive of your choice
  • Iron
  • Teflon pressing sheet or bakers parchment paper
The first thing you will need to do is, squirt the TLS onto the teflon presser sheet.
Next, add some Tsukineko ink, Jacquard paint or pigment powder.

Swish it all around. Use as many or as few colors/ mediums as you like.

Place another layer of parchment on top, and iron.

Here it is, set and ready for shoes. It looks kind of rubbery!

Cut out soles.
Do this simply by tracing your doll's feet and creating a paper template. Then use the template to make the soles. My doll has pointed toes because she is a faerie. Remember to "mirror" your feet.

Glue the soles onto the feet. I used gel medium, but if you are in a rush, choose your favorite adhesive.
Cut out a shape to fit over the back of the heel, and form the back of the shoe. If you wanted slippers, you could leave this part off.
Add a decorative ribbon to use as shoelaces. You can poke it through the shoe or glue it to the inside. Lace it up the leg or however you like!

The final step is to add some micron beads along the edge of the shoe, and glue it down. This will conceal the "seam." Thread the beads on beading wire, and glue the whole thing down. WALLA! Beautiful faerie shoes for you.


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