Saturday, January 20, 2007

Still Standing

This may be getting a bit boring... but I'm excited! The armature's where I want it. It's posed very nicely, and stands alone. So far, so good! **BONUS** see my messy art table hehehe... I did some ladder stitching on the doll's back, to give it some shape. She's got a natural pose. On to the sculpting!
I'm going to sculpt the limbs (hands and feet) right onto the doll, rather than making them separately and attaching them later.

"HOw can you do that!?," you ask. Well, I made the body out of polyester fabric. Why? Because you can put stuffing into the oven and it will not burn. Neither will polyester fabric. Suspend the doll from the oven rack, like superman flying.
The name of this fabric is Windsor Comfort.

P.S. I suspect that cotton fabric would work just fine as well, since you can iron it, right? That's pretty darned hot! And the clothes dryer? Makes sense to me.


  1. Yep, you are correct - you can put cotton in the oven. I heat set dyed dolls that way. Your doll is looking great! Nice body!

  2. I always enjoy your blog, Rivkah -- and I luv your label for us faelovers...fairy goof!! LOL

    Your armatured body is coming along wonderfully -- and great save on the burned head...=-)

    Got your link up over on my blog.

  3. Anonymous7:01 AM

    how do you attach the sculpted hands to the fabric before baking. I have never done it this way...Thanks

  4. Attaching sculpted hands to fabric body-

    Usually you bake the arms/hands before attaching. There is a groove on the end of the arm, so that you can tightly wrap a string around the fabric, which gets into the groove and makes the arm stay on permanently. The feet/legs are done in this manner, as well.

    For this doll, I made a casing like you would for elastic. Just folded it over and gathered the edge. When I pulled the string, it made the groove for me.

    Thanks for asking, hope this helps!


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