Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Reconstructing a Burned Polymer Head

I burned my head!


It was suspended on a special hook in the oven, carefully and lovingly prepared so this sculpt could be perfectly cured. I had worked so hard on it, and I proudly closed the door with a smile, gleefully anticipating the end of just a few minutes.... when I could admire my hard work and move on to the next stage of my artful creation.

Suddently, my dog began whimpering and barking like mad. She needed to go out. Murphy's law! Just a couple of minutes.... that's all she needed. I gave in and took doggie out very quickly. But when I returned, it was too late.

The head had somehow detached from the hook, and tumbled down to the bottom of the oven. Luckily, the face was unscathed, but the entire right side was badly scorched. The ears were destroyed, and so was the neck. BAD DOG!

Using my Exacto knife, I carved away all the char. I refilled and smoothed over the damaged areas with new clay. However, the face is "overdone." It no longer has that milky supple look. The young beauty I started out with looks weathered. Well, maybe she will be a troll faerie woman from the moor or somehthing like that! Could turn out quite beautiful...

This head has become my obsession. I must restore it. It's funny- I look at it as some sort of challenge that I've just got to fulfill! Has this ever happened to you?
What I am wondering is, how should I now finish painting the face? I don't want it to look "un-natural."
I'm still playing with ideas. I like to use Genesis artist oils. But it did not cover well. Although it is absolutely smooth as silk, the face looks sort of blotchy. Hmmm.

Somebody suggested I turn it into a cloth-over-clay. Not sure! I'm still imagining what I might do to preserve the clay surface- and anyhow, what fabric would I use? Oh the details I sculpted into the face! Don't want to lose them.... maybe it's a good idea, maybe not... Decisions, decisions!
Has this ever happened to you? What did you do?
Do you have any suggestions? Leave me a comment!

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  1. Oh Dear! We've all done that though. It's pretty disheartening after you've worked so hard on it. I had to throw my burned head away.
    Of course, you are going to have to add new clay and bake to cure it. I'm sure it will be fine after you put the hair on.


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