Sunday, January 28, 2007

Forming Fingernails

I just finished making my faerie hands. Yes, I'm slow, I know it.
A bit of a "lazy lass" perhaps! Fabric is fast for me. Clay is sloooowwww. But I'm okay with that!

I thought I would show you one of the things I like most about hands. I like to make fingernails. Those are quick and easy, and look great.
You'll need a fingernail tool and a thin blade, like an Exacto knife or something smaller, if possible.

In Israel, I have never seen an Exacto knife. They might be sold in a few specialty art stores, but generally not. I did find something appropriate here, which they call a "Japanese knife."

The Jaapanese blade is very small so it's nice. In the States, you can get something called a "scalpel." It's thinner than an exacto knife. Some people use it to make spaces between doll teeth. Here are the different knives I have and use (Left to Right): scalpel, Exacto Knife, and Israeli "Japanese" knife.
Back to fingernails...I've heard of people making fingernail "beds" and then putting translucent clay on for fingernails. The lazy lass in me would rather do it this way! Here's a picture of the tool I use to make the fingernail beds.
*NOTE This type of tool is made by Kemper, which is a company that specializes in doll tools. There are many such tools. You can find them on sites like Mini World THERE ARE ALSO doll artists who sell their "own tools" for about $13 or more!!! (?!?!?) This is NOT necessary! Kemper tools cost about $2.
After the nail beds are "sculpted" (more like stamped!)just use the knife blade on the very tips, to make nails. Don't go too deep, you just need to make it look like there are nails on top of the fingers.
It looks great! After baking, I can just give it a little "French Manicure."
Nice effect, isn't it?

PS I will finish my faerie soon, I promise! (I hope!)


  1. Love your tutorials, Rivkah! THANK YOU! And I'll be waiting to see your fairy doll!

  2. Thanks for a great tutorial!
    BTW, Exacto knives are becoming more and more common in Israel...

    Greetings from Haifa...


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