Sunday, January 14, 2007

Burned Head - not anymore!

Coming to LifeA few posts ago, I displayed the near-death accident of a faerie who suffered severe burns on her face due to an oven mishap. I decided not to give up on her, and to do my best to bring about her revival. She is now fully restored with flattering make-up (Genesis paint).
I sculpted a a neck and top-torso, and gave her some new faerie ears. I really like the way she is evolving. What a sweet expression on her face- hard to believe that she has been burned and hurt so badly!

By the way- don't worry, I am not making a nude doll haha
Wonder what that "thing" that I sculpted her on is? It's a concoction that my dear carpenter husband designed heheheee ... a rolling pin cut in half, and then nailed onto a piece of wood. The nail goes from the bottom of the base and into the rolling pin.

Rather than rolling pins, which are completely round, traditional sculpting stands have flat bottoms. Only the top is round (like a tunnel). I like my way better because it really enables me to sculpt the boobs in the right shape. They kind of "scoop" under the bottom curve. If I were making a man, or a flat-chested figure, I would want the standard sculpting stand. By the way, because of the size of the rolling pin, this method is suitable for dolls 18-20 or so inches.

***Note: be sure to place some sort of wire mesh on the rolling pin before laying down the clay. Otherwise it may crack. Sort of like they do to patch a hole in the wall with plaster.

I just thought of this idea and it's the first time I've tried it. Next time, I'll have my husband add another feature to the design to make it perfectly functional: two thin knitting needles coming up through the rolling pin. This will allow me to build the head on the stand first, and then the neck and so on. I'll just make my ball of foil, and pierce it with the knitting needles to about the center of the ball. Then, I'll go ahead and sculpt the head, then the torso etc- all together. The knitting needles are very smooth, which will make it easy to remove the sculpture. If I do this on nails, which I have heard of people doing, I might damage the neck when I remove the entire sculpture after curing.
I can put the entire thing right into the oven and the wood will not burn. No need to make the head in stages. I find that very difficult because the clay is malleable and I inevitably end up smearing and smudging my work accidentally when I work on the other side... Also, I won't have to fire the head and torso separately.

Which reminds me- With the "turny things" on the sides of the rolling pin (the thing inside that makes it roll) my husband will make me a round, flat carousel about the size of a dish. In this way, I can also turn my sculpture around and around, very easily. Gotta love it!

I think I should patent this idea! hehehe Just kidding, please do try it if it sounds like something that will work for you. Just let me know so I can feel good hehehe If you like my idea, please leave me a comment! I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Ok now I'm going back to playing dolls- who should this faerie be?
I think I'll use white Tibetan Lambswool on her...Today I'll get started on her body. I'll make it from cloth, with a wire armature. I'm still thinking about who this doll wants to be, how to pose her..... Suggestions, anyone?


  1. She's beautiful, Rivkah. Congratulations on a remarkable "restoration job!
    Your sculpture stand is intriguing. Please let us know how it works with the knitting needles attached!

  2. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Very beautiful wonderful sculpt, seems you have a true talent for clay. Can't wait to see her finished and great idea for the stand also.

  3. velia9:13 PM

    Great work Rivkah, I think this beauty should be royalty, perhaps Grecian?

  4. Happy New Year to you Rivkah.
    Must congratulate you on your doll's resoration job. She turned out wonderful. She looks a bit like you. Can't wait to see her finished

  5. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Hi my first time here I am enjoying your blog very much. You asked for suggestions for posing your doll....well here's my suggetion....sitting or standing would work..have one arm extended out with a butterfly on her hand. maybe her other arm could be reaching for the butterfly. She justs looks like she should be reaching out to someone or something.


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