Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Armature Body

Here is the beginning of the body I'm adding to my faerie doll. I am planning to make her well-balanced enough to stand alone without the aid of a doll stand. The key is in the craftsmanship of the armature and the body.

To make the armature, I used Allmaloy suclptor's wire, which is very high quality wire that is strong, non-corrosive and unbreakable, yet flexible. I wrapped it up with florist's tape. Then I put on some stuffing and wrapped it up with strips of quilter's batting. It looked more like the body of a mummy than a faerie! When I shaped the wire, I did some doubling and twisting of the wire, so it would be extra strong. Illustrations on how to do this technique can be found in Susanna Oroyan's book, Fantastic Figures.

I designed a pattern to go over the wrapped armature. I think I'll keep the pattern. It looks just right. If you want it, email me and I'll send it to you.

I've got to sculpt hands and feet now. Then I'll add more batting and sew arms and "thighs." When I'm done I'll connect the sculpted limbs, and then attach the head and breastplate you've seen up until now!

Stay tuned...


  1. Can't wait to see her finished!

  2. wonderful, will we be seeing step by step ?
    I really want to try making a cloth armature doll and I will pop off and look for the book you quoted, thank you so much for sharing :)
    love and light
    Trace x


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