Wednesday, December 20, 2006

TZOOMI puppets from Israel

Aren't these adorable?
They are VERY Israeli looking. Israelis adore puppets, and hold them in high esteem, too.

Tzoomi Puppets is an Israeli puppet company which has a special philosophy for their wonderful puppets. Just as they have big open/close mouths which can say and express just about anything, they are so lovable and cheerful they encourage children to do the same.
In Israel, we are not without our share of misfortunate troubles. Terrorism, war and other traumas take their toll on kids. These wonderful puppets are designed to help.
The word "Tzoomi" means "attention." When a child acts out or whines, you would say "she wants tzoomi." THe name is very clever indeed. Not only do Tzoomi puppets get attention because they are so adorable, but they have a worthwhile mission.

Here is a short movie clip presentation about them. You can see the puppets in person, but the people are speaking in Hebrew. They are discussing how helpful they are for trauma therapy.

Remember Sesame Street? No wonder those puppets were so effective. Jim Henson was a genius, wasn't he?


  1. These are wonderful - so bright and cheerful. I'm glad that they can be so helpful to the children. Thanks for sharing.

  2. clothmatters9:29 AM

    Rivkah- Thanks for sharing the information about the puppets. I love making puppets and admire the talents of other puppeteers and puppetmakers. Take care and Happy New Year.


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