Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tea Bag Dolls !!??!!

Now this is creative!

Sara Hansson of Sweden has a very unique mixed media art doll material- TEA BAGS!
When I first saw them, my interest was completely and immediatlely piqued!

She calls her tea bag dolls "Ms T" (of course!) Here is what she has to say about them:
"Ms T is a real poppet - she was designed and started in 1999 and is still going strong and I still make her - she is going on exhibition again next year ! Bless her cotton socks!! :0)

Tea bags are great paper to work with - they are very strong and wonderful colours! I have been working with them for about ten years now and it has become a standing joke! My husband is known as Mr tea bag - poor man!

How to do it? simple - drink tea then carefully open up the tea bag and empty out the used contents. rinse tea bag under the tap and dry !

I usually back the bags with a cotton material or muslin then stitch and stuff with normal wadding.

I have stamped them, latexed them, waxed them , stuffed them and quilted - I have made bags , hats, pictures and figures - "

Well you get the idea.... Is this amazing or what?

Sara is one lady whom I would LOVE to visit for tea!!!!
I am sure you will agree!

You can see more of Sara's work at her website and blog

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  1. Cool stuff Rivkah!!.
    You can put the same word verification in your website to stop spammers getting through on your guest book. For a long time I enjoyed clean guest book. But suddenly they started coming so now I have word verification in my website which has stopped them.


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