Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Aranbee in Cloth- and CONTEST!

Last Month, October 27 to be exact, I posted a touching story about a very special antique doll. It was an R&B (Aranbee) doll with a cloth body and vinyl head and limbs, still in the loving care of her original owner. I was given the honorable task of restoring the cloth body. The doll is so charming, I fell in love with her while working on her. I decided to recreate the doll- precisely and exactly- in cloth.

Absolutely Adorable, isn't she?

The new pattern is an EXACT duplicate of the R&B. The body, of course, is cloth to begin with. (I did make a few changes so as not to infringe on any possible copyright issues). The head and limbs had to be recreated- instead of vinyl, they are cloth. The new cloth version is exactly the same measurement and shape as the original.
She has "real" disc joints that hold the arms and legs in place, just like the original R&B. I had to invent a way to make the pattern "work," since there are wooden discs in the vinyl arms and legs to prevent them from collapsing and "popping out" of the body. Since this is a cloth pattern, it posed a very big challenge. A very interesting technique!!! See how the disc joints make them stable enough to stand alone!
This doll was a very special challenge for me. I've got the pattern down pat, and I decided to go ahead and write an online class. I'll need to make her a dress. I think I'll make something fancy, so she can be a baby princess! I'm a slowpoke sometimes, especially when accuracy is so important- as with this marvleous doll. As soon as everything is ready, I'll announce the class.
Interested? Want to know right away? If you leave me a comment I will send you a personal email. You can subscribe to my blog, too.
I think the entire class should be all ready in February.

OH and I will make the price of the class VERYVERYVERY reasonable. (A great deal!) I really want everyone to have a wonderful doll like this....She's truly special.

Do you like to draw faces? Want to try and duplicate this doll face?
The winner will get a free class and pattern! I can't wait to see the results!!
Sign up by leaving a comment, and I'll post the entries on my website.

RULES are simple- just draw a face on a piece of cloth, paper, whatever.
No hair, ears, etc. Just the face (eyes, nose, mouth, etc).
Pretend you are coloring on a doll's head.

The outline is being provided in pdf format. Just click here to be carried elsewhere, where you can pick it up. (It's not possible to upload pdf documents on a blog unfortunately... not yet at least!)
Send entries to me at
The template is actually the general shape of the "face" part of the head pattern. So if you color on fabric, you will be able to use it for the doll.
Hint: The doll is made from felt. I recommend a thick fabric. You can use robe velour, doe suede, etc. Cotton will work also, but i like the look of the doll best in a heavier weight fabric (to mock the vinyl).

Entries will be displayed on my website.

Faces are due February 23.
Thanks for looking!
Happy Faces Everybody!


  1. Gosh you are so talented!

    I just have no patients for arts and crafts but nice to see other peoples work.

    Can't wait to see how the doll turns out.

  2. You are so clever I am most impressed with your cloth version

  3. Rivkah this looks like a lovely doll you have created in cloth.
    Great work

  4. Here is a quick doodle. Love the doll.

  5. Well it didn't show up. So I will post my doodle on my blog. Lemme know what you think.

  6. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Hi! Rivka,
    You did a fantastic job of creating the vintage doll in cloth.
    I do want to take your class when you get it on line.
    As I said before, I loved my doll from that era. And if I could duplicate her in felt, that would just make my day.
    Keep up the great work.
    Jackie Cousino

  7. I once had a doll almost exactly like that when I was a child. It was a boy doll called Oliver. This was during World War 2. It was taken to a doll's hospital, but came out dressed like a girl! I cried and said he was a boy. The lady said, you can call him Olive now, but I never loved OLive as much as I did him(smile)

  8. Anonymous4:17 AM

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