Thursday, October 12, 2006

Doll Muse in Ranaana, Israel

This picture was taken by Terry, at her home where she hosted 'Quinglish,' an acronym which stands for "Quilters in English." I was honored to come and demonstrate the art of dolls.
I had such a wonderful time there, and met some very extremely talented fiber arts women. Some women were native Israelis, some were from South Africa, Europe, Australia and of course, the good old U.S of A. I hope a doll workshop will be in the works! It's definitely a dream that I have. A doll workshop in Israel! What a thrill!
During my talk, I discussed what art means to me, the value of groups, why I love creating art dolls and how I believe that anyone can. During my demonstration, we did a little hands-on experimenting with TLS, angelina fiber, Yadeno mohair with felting needles.
I had a marvelous time at Quinglish. I hope to report more about art dolling in Israel in the near future!


  1. Beautiful presentation of dolls, Rivkah and a good gathering too. Hope your dream of teaching dollmaking works out. Good luck!


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