Sunday, October 08, 2006

Preventing Micron Pens from clogging

Micron pigment pens are great for drawing the tiniest of details on cloth doll faces. For example, you would draw eye lashes and the creases in lips. The point on a micron pen is so small, your results are as "neat as a pin."

One downfall that comes up often is, the darned things get clogged easily. You must be careful not to try and color over wet paint or colored pencils. The best thing to do is to use createx textile medium over the colored area, let it dry, THEN do the fine detailing with the micron pens.

Storing the pens is also important. Believe it or not, NOT storing them upright in a jar helps prolong their life. The ink stays in the felt and doesn't migrate downward (then it "clogs.")

Always store your micron pens laying down. I have an old Estee Lauder make up case that I got from somewhere, which has a zipper and is just the right size. I can transport them easily, too.

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