Sunday, October 08, 2006

Firefly- a study in mixed media composition (Quinglish Sukkot 2006, Ranaana)

Please meet Firefly, a wonderful faery doll composed of contemporary art materials and interesting techniques.

This is the final composition which started as "tsukineiko doll." Look back in the archives, (August 22) and you'll see how she began as a "dud" of a torso pattern. I decided to paint it with gesso and ink, experimenting with it instead of discarding it. It was sort of a process for me, releasing bottled up frustration and "wasted energy." Two posts ago, I talked about painting with thread. The legs in that post belong to Firefly.

This went on the shelf and out of the way for about a month, until I picked it up again. I had to work with a pinkish doll with an odd texture, something that proved quite challenging. I re-discovered an antique firefly broach pin from my grandmother. It's an heirloom. Well, I pinned it to the doll's hand, and it sparked my imagination. A faery began to evolve.

I decided to use this doll as a reference point for demonstration of various mixed media techniques at the annual Quinglish event in Ranaana, to which I was invited to talk about the art of fiber dolls. I am very excited about this, and can hardly wait! Quinglish is a special event for Israeli English speakers who are passionate about fiber art. People from all around the country will be in attendance, and I feel very privilidged to be chosen as the highlight speaker!

I'll be demonstrating free motion embroidery (shoes) Translucent Liquid Sculpey and Angelina Fiber (wings), use of Gesso and Tsukineiko ink, and needle felting (hair).

Those who are attending the group will be given a complimentary pattern to use at a future workshop.

Stay tuned for pictures and info about Quinglish and the event!

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