Saturday, September 30, 2006

Painting With Thread

Here's a wonderful painting technique I love to use, for a unique look: use thread to paint a random pattern on fabric. You can do this either on a doll after it has been stuffed, or right onto the fabric you'll be using before you even begin tracing, cutting and sewing your doll pattern. If you are into quilting, this is also something extremely interesting and worth a try.

It's very simple to do, and very fun and gratifying. Here's how:

1. Cut a piece of quilter's thread, about a foot long.

2. Hold the thread at one end, suspending it in your hand. Using a paintbrush, paint the thread with paint. Use paint that is good for use on fabric.

3. Place the painted string onto the surface you are painting. Let it go as you lower the string down. It will create an interesting pattern.

4. Pat the string down with the blunt end of a needle just to make sure the paint makes contact with the fabric.

5. Lift off the string.

This example is done with a doll which is being painted along the way- after it has been stuffed.

Here's a swatch of pre-painted fabric... Isn't it beautiful?
I hope you'll try this, it's very fun!

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