Sunday, September 17, 2006

Turning Slippery Fingers

Today I was trying to create "gloves" for a doll, with fabric that is really smooth and slippery. Essentially, I wanted to make hands as usual, but extend them halfway up the arms so they look like gloves.

This proved to be extremely challenging because the fabric is so slippery, it's impossible to sew two pieces together without the fabric shifting- let alone with tiny stitches around fingers. One mistake and my seam ripper would be useless.

Here is how I solved the dilemma:

1.  Iron a "glove" template of freezer paper onto the wrong side of the fabric (I'll talk more about freezer paper another day)
2.  Double the fabric RST as usual.
3.  On the side opposite the side with the freezer paper, lay down a piece of tear-away stabilizer.
4.  Baste it all together to help hold it just a bit

** Have your iron handy for all of the above steps, just in case you need to press.

5.  Flip it over and sew hands along the outline of the freezer paper template. There should be no shifting at all.

6.  Carefully remove the freezer paper.

7.  Cut the hand out, close to the seams.

Now is the tricky part....
How to tear the stabilizer off without ruining the hands?

Apply fray check on both sides.
While still wet, go ahead and tear the stabilizer off gently.
Look the picture... can you see the fuzzy stuff around the edges?

8.   Allow it to dry and turn the fingers as usual.

Stay tuned to see the completed gloves another day!

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