Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gifts for My Daughter Sury

These are some pretty gifts I made for my daughter Sury. She's 9 years old. I made her a dolly and a quilt with embroidered dolls on it.

The center block of the quilt is a nostalgic handkerchief from Europe. I thought it was so interesting, it inspired me to make something with it.

I used my embroidery unit on my sewing machine to copy the image and stitch it out. The embroidered blocks are in each corner of the quilt.

The dolly is made in a vintage type style. Her face is colored with paint and colored pencils, and sealed with textile medium.

Sury gave her dolly a sweet name... Dinah. I love it!

Close-ups of Handkerchief and Embroidery

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comments Rivkah.
    Your daughter is so lucky. What a talented mother I love the quilt it is gorgeous and what a sweet little doll to go with it.


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