Thursday, August 17, 2006

A whole week....

Gee wiz, it's been a whole week and I haven't posted. Truth be told, I had a guest! She was here because of the war in the North of Israel. After the cease fire, she went home. That was yesterday. Her house windowes were blown out and all of her plants died (oh no!)
So, not much doll making was happening in my home.
I'll post something next week, when I feel more refreshed!

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  1. BSD Shalom, I was that "guest", a "refugee from the attacks on Tzfat during the war of summer 2006!! Now I will tell you what very modest and talented Rivkah was doing while I was "holed up" in her warm & comforting home.She revamped & made nearly from scratch the website for my organization Tikvah L'Chaim -TLC Hope For A Healthy Life.
    This organization raised thousands of dollars for the people who were injured badly from the first day of the attack on Tzfat, the Mor Family. My windows were all blown out as well as many serious other damages like my computer (completely ruined), phones roof,balcony, walls,etc. Rivkah's help from the new and beautiful website and allowing me to reply on her computer to those who were wanting to donate on-line from my solicitations before, made it all happen!! Rivkah you are the best, a balit tzedacka and an all around great friend!! Tikvah L'Chaim Tzfat and I love you lots!!


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