Friday, August 18, 2006

Using Darts on Dolls forFantastic Figures

I've begun working on my doll entry for the upcoming TREASURES OF THE GYPSY challenge at the Houston Quilt and Fiber Arts Exhibition. I'm making an original pattern, and it occurred to me that it's really amazing how a few darts added to a simple pattern make a doll into a work of art.

For the torso, all I did was draw a front and a back, and add some darts in the right places. Now my "gingerbread man" looks like the woman whose figure I wish I had ... perfect hips, curved back and even boobs - all from a flat piece of fabric. Wouldn't it be great if I could put some DARTS in myself! haha

I happened to be working with dark fabric (I don't need this fabric- I use stuff like this for testing) and white stitches. I just knew that I had to take pictures and show you! The darts are so visible and obvious!

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