Thursday, August 10, 2006

Making something beautiful with scraps?

If you're like me, you've got a bazillion bits of fabric scraps lying around after a hearty day at crafting work. I used to throw it all away, but I've discovered that they can be quite valuable- you'd be suprised what new materials you can create with scraps.

Yesterday I was in need for an interesting type of something-or-other to use as an embellishment. I looked in my stash but I wanted something different than what I was seeing. Something handmade! So I opened up my "scrap tub" and got to work:

Angelina fiber
Teflon Pressing sheet or Baking / Parchment Paper
Scraps of pretty fabric- lightweight is best
Optional extra's: seed beads, attractive yarn or threads

Create a "new" sheet of fabric by using Angelina Fiber. What's that?
Angelina fiber is relatively new in the art world, having been around for just a few years. It's made from manmade materials and is basically a wad of tiny heat bondable fibers. By heating them with an iron, they melt and create the most beautiful irridescent colors.

My idea was to sandwich the little bits of fabric and other things in between layers. Then when I iron, it would become embedded. Take a look:

1. On the teflon pressing sheet or baking parchment, put a layer of angelina. I used purple.
2. Add the fabrics and any other embellishments. This is the "peanut butter and jelly" of the sandwich.
3. Add Another layer. I used a different color on top.
4. Iron the Angelina sandwich for a few seconds. Check to see that the fibers have bonded, and viola!

The pictures are a bit difficult to really see because of the white background. I hope you will try it though!

Marcia Acker-Missall has another great idea- here's a link to that:

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