Saturday, August 19, 2006

Free Motion Embroidery for Shoes

Somebody wrote to me recently asking how I had created a certain pair of doll shoes. I hadn't really thought about it- truth is, I did the shoes last and rushed through them to "get the doll done" ha! But the shoes are so interesting, they look out of this world. And, best of all, easy!

I used free motion embroidery to make them. Here's how:

1. Prepare Hoop some water soluble stabilizer.
2. Attach a free motion embroidery foot to your sewing machine
3. Choose two or three different types of thread
4. FME all over the hooped stabilizer until you have a "fabric"
5. Immerse the "fabric" into water
6. Let it dry
7. Make shoes! (cut out a sole and sew that on, then add the "sides" by pinning and hand sewing the "fabric" onto the foot and sole)

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